Working To Preserve Productive and Sustainable Forestlands For Our Children and Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren . . .


Using practical examples, landowner experience, and professionals’ expertise

to educate our members

and the public

on the environmental

and economic benefits

of forest management

Forest Information

        Basic Forest Tree Biology

        Stress & Disturbance on Forest Ecosystems

        Forest Succession and Tolerance

        Forest Sites

        Snags, Edges, and Understory Plants

        Forest Resilience

        Common Insect Pests of Forest Trees

Forest Management

        Controlling Disturbances

        Facts of Life for Forest Grown Trees

        Uneven Aged Management

        Natural Regeneration

        Artificial Regeneration

        Crop Trees


        Seedling Planting Tips

        Direct Seeding

        Your Management Plan

        Application of Herbicides


        Marketing Your Timber

        Timber Markets



There is a lot of information and opinion on the webpages listed below, but it is merely an overview of what a professional forester knows.  However, this background will make forest landowners better-informed stewards of their natural resources. 

The best time to plant a tree is yesterday. - Common Wisdom

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