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Forestry-related Events

Upcoming events

    • 11 Feb 2020
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Stockton Public Library

    The Northwest Illinois Forestry Association (NIFA) will host the State Plant Regulatory Officer discussing forest pests on Tuesday, February 11th, at 7:00 pm at the Stockton Public Library.  The speaker, Scott Schirmer, is manager of the DeKalb Nursery and Northern Field Office Section for the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

    Invasive species continue to threaten and impact our agriculture, natural resources, green industries, and landscapes.  Mr. Schirmer will provide an update on current and potential threats to our Northern Illinois forests, including pests such as gypsy moth, Spotted Lanternfly, and Asian Longhorned Beetle.  Woodland owners with questions about forest pests and effective control techniques should attend.

    This meeting is free and open to the public.  A brief business meeting will follow the speaker's presentation.  The Stockton Library is located at 140 West Benton Ave.  NIFA is an organization of woodland owners dedicated to educating its members and the public on the benefits of sustainable forest management.


    • 14 Mar 2020
    • 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Highland Community College, Freeport

    The Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference is a 1-day educational program annually presented by extension educators at the University of Illinois and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. This conference is designed specifically for forest landowners in the Midwest. Speakers present on a range of topics from traditional woodland management techniques, timber taxes, game and non-game wildlife management, to soils and soil erosion in woodlands. Non-timber forest products such as maple syrup production, raising ginseng, and mushrooms are also presented.

    The Iowa State Extension Foresters who administer this program do not yet have any information posted on the agenda or fees.  As soon as they post that information, a link to their page will be included.

    • 24 Mar 2020
    • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Farm Bureau building, Mt. Carroll

    We have scheduled this date and are currently working to find a speaker, so this date is tentative.  When we locate the speaker, we will confirm the date and provide details.

    • 27 Jun 2020
    • Lundquist farm near Mt. Carroll

    We will tour John abd Bev Lundquist's Tree Farm, near Mt. Carroll, to learn about his growing, shaping, and marketing Christmas trees.  This tour is timed to demonstrate the shearing of his trees to effect the proper shape.  More details will be available, including directions, before this tour.

    • 18 Jul 2020
    • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Sawmill Museum in Clinton, Iowa

    NIFA will tour the Clinton, Iowa, Sawmill Museum, which represents Clinton's early history as a destination for northwoods logs floated down the Mississippi River,  These logs were then sawed into lumber for the construction industry.  More details, including directions, available later.

    • 21 Sep 2020
    • 24 Sep 2020
    • various local tree farms

    NIFA will host chain saw safety training sessions on four consecutive days.  There will be two beginner classes, and two advanced classes.  Attendance at a beginner class is pre-requisite for the advanced class.  Each class will be approximately eight hours in length and will include hands on work.

    These classes are similar to those hosted by NIFA in the past two years.  Attendees will be requested to bring certain safety gear as well as their own chain saw.  Discounts will be given to NIFA members.

    These dates are tentative.  More details will be posted as these classes are confirmed and host locations are determined.

    • 17 Oct 2020
    • Polhamus Property, Jo Daviess County

    NIFA will tour Ken and Marsha Polhamus' property to see the multiple enhancements they have added to their land to increase and improve wild turkey habitat.  More details, including directions, will be available later.

Past events

16 Jan 2020 Extension Program: Managing Your Timber
15 Jan 2020 Extension Program: Timber Sales
14 Jan 2020 NIFA Meeting on Timber Markets
10 Dec 2019 NIFA Planning Meeting for 2020
12 Nov 2019 NIFA Planning Meeting for 2019
23 Sep 2019 Chainsaw Safety Training
21 Sep 2019 NIFA: Forestry and Sawmill Operation
20 Jul 2019 Coppicing of Oak and Walnut
22 Jun 2019 JoDaviess County: Aerial Spraying of Honeysuckle
04 May 2019 Tour of Larry Priske Farm
20 Apr 2019 NIFA: Forest Regeneration Tour
26 Mar 2019 NIFA Annual Dinner Meeting
09 Mar 2019 Sinsinawa Conference Cancelled
26 Feb 2019 Forestry Consultant Experiences (Re-scheduled)
01 Feb 2019 Dubuque: What Has Wandered Into Your Woods?
18 Jan 2019 Jo Daviess County: Managing Forest Understory and Edges
08 Jan 2019 NIFA: Oak Regeneration
11 Dec 2018 Jo Daviess County: Planning Meeting for 2019
20 Nov 2018 Jo Daviess County: Planning Meeting for 2019
08 Sep 2018 Stephenson County: Tree ID Walk
17 Aug 2018 Dekalb County: Kirkland Sawmill Tour
29 Jul 2018 Walnut Council Annual Meeting
25 Jul 2018 Jo Daviess County: Chain Saw Safety Courses
14 Jul 2018 Jo Daviess County: Tree Planting
16 Jun 2018 JoDaviess County: Aerial Spraying of Honeysuckle
05 May 2018 Stephenson County: Tree Planting Methods
07 Apr 2018 Jo Daviess County: timber harvesting and oak regeneration
27 Mar 2018 NIFA Annual Dinner Meeting
18 Mar 2018 Rockford: Native Oak Woodlands
10 Mar 2018 Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference
24 Feb 2018 Whiteside County: Chain Saw Safety Seminar
13 Feb 2018 NIFA Meeting: NRCS Forestry Programs
09 Jan 2018 NIFA Meeting: Wood Carving
18 Nov 2017 Producing Maple Syrup
07 Nov 2017 NIFA Planning Meeting
26 Aug 2017 Tour of Aldo Leopold Foundation
22 Jul 2017 Tour of Aldo Leopold Foundation
03 Jun 2017 Tour of Mulvain Woodworks
13 May 2017 Whiteside County: Tree Plantings
04 Apr 2017 Carroll County: NIFA Annual Dinner
25 Mar 2017 Jo Daviess County: Forest Regeneration Tour (CANCELLED)
17 Feb 2017 Jo Daviess County: Forest Management Planning
14 Feb 2017 NIFA Planning Meeting
24 Jan 2017 NIFA Planning Meeting
05 Dec 2016 NIFA Planning Meeting
07 Nov 2016 NIFA Planning Meeting (Cancelled)
08 Oct 2016 Carroll County: Johnson Creek Hardwoods Tour
27 Sep 2016 Jo Daviess County: Chainsaw Safety Course
15 Jul 2016 Madison, Wisconsin: Forest Products Lab
04 Jun 2016 Jo Daviess County: Forest Management Planning
14 May 2016 Lee County: Tour of Nachusa Grasslands
04 May 2016 Jo Daviess County: Spring into Invasive Plant Species
09 Apr 2016 Jo Daviess County: Emphasis on Wildlife
22 Mar 2016 Carroll County: NIFA Annual Dinner Meeting
12 Mar 2016 Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference
09 Feb 2016 Hunting Leases
20 Jan 2016 NIFA Meeting
12 Dec 2015 Jo Daviess County: Prescribed Burn CANCELLED
08 Dec 2015 NIFA Planning Meeting
10 Nov 2015 NIFA Planning Meeting
17 Oct 2015 Carroll County: Autumn Tree Identification
25 Aug 2015 Jo Daviess County: Kick Your Bad (Chainsaw) Habits
08 Aug 2015 Jo Daviess County: Furniture Restoration & Country Store
18 Jul 2015 Jo Daviess County: Log Furniture Company (CANCELLED)
20 Jun 2015 Stephenson County: Sawmill and Firewood
28 May 2015 Champaign County: Illinois Invasive Species Symposium
09 May 2015 Carroll County: Shimer Arboretum Tour
25 Apr 2015 Carroll County: Forest Edge - Consumables,not Invasives
21 Apr 2015 Webinar: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in Horticulture
07 Apr 2015 Webinar: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in Horticulture
24 Mar 2015 Carroll County: Climate is the Forest, Weather is the Tree
14 Mar 2015 Tri-State Forest Stewardship Conference
26 Feb 2015 McLean County: First Detector Training
19 Feb 2015 Rock Island County: First Detector Training
18 Feb 2015 McDonough County: First Detector Training
12 Feb 2015 Coles County: First Detector Training
11 Feb 2015 Jefferson County: First Detector Training
10 Feb 2015 NIFA Meeting
04 Feb 2015 DeKalb County: First Detector Training
03 Feb 2015 DuPage County: First Detector Training
29 Jan 2015 Madison County: First Detector Training
21 Jan 2015 Jo Daviess County: Controlling Non-Woody Invasives
13 Jan 2015 NIFA Meeting
12 Dec 2014 Webinar: Forest Botanicals For Profit
09 Dec 2014 NIFA Planning Meeting
09 Dec 2014 Webinar: Legacy Planning: Where to Get Help
11 Nov 2014 NIFA Planning Meeting
10 Nov 2014 Webinar: Forest Cultivated Mushrooms
05 Nov 2014 Society of American Foresters Fall Meeting
01 Nov 2014 Putting Small Acres to Work
29 Oct 2014 Controlling Exotic Invasive Species Workshop

For questions, inquiries, or membership applications:

Mail: NIFA, 2303 West Cording Road, Galena, IL  61036


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