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Chainsaw Tips Summary

07 Oct 2015 9:58 AM | Richard Pouzar (Administrator)

These are the tips that I gathered from the excellent Chainsaw Safety Demonstration by our IDNR District Firester Jeff Harris at the end of August -

  • keep your saw clean and the chain sharp
  • file the raker blades when sharpening the chain's cutters
  • use 91 octane ethanol-free gasoline
  • wear protective clothing and accessories
  • no one should be within reach when operating your saw
  • when felling, everyone should be 2.5 times the tree's height away
  • step back and estimate the weight or lean of the tree
  • based on the lean, cut from the safe side, away from the lean
  • spend the time to look for all the hazards
  • plan two escape routes, each 45ยบ off the intended tree fall
  • your hinge width should be 80% of the DBH
  • your hinge thickness should be less than 10% of DBH
  • use an open-face/boring-cut technique
  • if tree is thick enough, leave a rear trigger for release
  • after cutting the trigger, always walk away on an escape route
  • always keep both hands on the saw when it is running
  • never cut across your body
  • always engage the chain brake when walking or moving
  • always lock your thumb on the front handle
  • always quit when you feel tired

This isn't a comprehensive list and shouldn't be used as a substitute for professional training.  I'll expand this list based on any suggestions.

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